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Thank you for coming to Parent-Teacher Interviews Term 2 2016

May 4 Parent-Guardian Interviews Thank you

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Reading To Children Helps Early Development

For a long time, parents and children have believed that reading to children provides an important foundation to the child’s learning. The more parents and teachers read to children during their early childhood, the better the child’s understanding of letters, words and language. A recent study in […]

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New Method To Manage Cyber Bullying

Bullying is an age-old problem in schools,and preventing it requires concerted effort and diligence from teachers and student communities. Online social media unfortunately provides a new avenue for bullying to continue unchecked. It’s known as cyber bullying,  and it can inflict serious damage on student self-esteem. Thankfully […]

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Primary School Class Writes Touching Collection of Immigration Stories

A class of year 5 school students from New South Wales have composed a touching short story collection with the help of their teacher. As a homework assignment, students interviewed community and family members to collect personal stories of starting a new life in Australia. Migration is […]

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New Research Into Standardised Maths Teaching

Developing a comprehensive mathematical understanding is one of the most important aspects of a quality education. From buying groceries and devising a personal budget, to understanding financial planning, maths is always a relevant skill. Unfortunately it’s sometimes hard to convey the value of a solid mathematical understanding […]

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Education Could Advance With Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services are providing a competitive edge to businesses around the world. With proposals for national internet infrastructure updates, the future of cloud computing in Australia is looking bright. Now the education sector is getting ready to participate in the cloud computing technology revolution. High speed […]

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